Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions life coach

What do your life coaches specialize in?

What sets our life coaches apart from others is rooted in our own individual journeys with transformation. We have had first hand experience with many of the hardships which ails our clients. Our coaches have recreated their lives while utilizing specific skills which they present to their clients and which are taught throughout our Mountain Method Workbook™. Our life coaches each specialize in various areas relating to mental health, substance abuse, eating disorders & unhealthy relationships with food, personal and professional relationships, sex and love addition, familial harships, and goal attainment for those who are simply looking to enhance their lives and accomplish their goals. As long as you are open and willing to take action, we believe that you can turn any pain into empowerment. 

What can a life coach do for me?

A life coach can motivate and inspire you to lead a fulfilling life towards your goals. A life coach can empower you to reach your greatest potential by providing you with the necessary tools to hold you accountable and ensure your success. A life coach will place you in the position to take ownership of your life by helping you create structure, routines, and community. It is our belief that when an individual receives such guidance from one of our coaches, they are being provided with everything needed to create a life of discipline and purpose. 

How long does a life coach usually work with their clients?

Everyone requires varying durations of coaching. Our goal is to get you to a place of self-sufficiency, control, and power where a life coach will no longer be necessary. Our method includes consistent and effective communication regarding your progress which we review with you, and anyone else involved. We ensure that you are set up for success when your coaching comes to an end. 

What is the difference between family coaching and family workshops?

Our family workshops provide a supportive environment where together, families can build towards their common goals. Designed and led by one of our life coaches, they will be there for you and your loved ones to guide you on a path of healing and communication. Within this workshop, families can come together and connect, gain insight into their familial hardships, and acquire the tools needed to better the relationships that they hold dear to them.

With our family coaching sessions, you and your family receive one-on-one, individualized coaching designed for your particular circumstance. Within these more intimate sessions, your coach will provide a tailored plan for you and your family which you will work on together. These sessions allow your family dynamic to heal and become enhanced. You will grow together as both individuals and as a unit.

The Mountain Method

Do you come to your client's homes?

While it is not a requirement, often times, we will meet your in your home to help assist you in creating a functioning environment. It’s also helpful for the life coach to get a glimpse into your life so they can better personalize your experience.  Often times, we will meet your in your home to help assist you in creating a functioning environment. It’s also helpful for the life coach to get a glimpse into your life, so we can better personalize your experience. 

What is the Mountain Method?

The Mountain Method™ is a set of emotional and practical life skills which have been utilized by us personally in addressing our own struggles and in accomplishing our goals. Our method of coaching allows an individual to turn challenges into opportunity and are applicable to anyone regardless of their starting point. The Mountain Method™ was created for those who seek to enhance their lives and will allow you the freedom to accomplish your goals, set new ones, and continue to broaden your life. 

Where are you located?

We provide one-on-one, in person coaching and workshops for clients throughout Southern California. For those who are not local, all of our coaches are available for virtual coaching sessions. 

What is the cost of a coaching session?

We are happy to provide you with a free 30-minute consultation where we can get to know you and your situation and begin to design a plan on how we can best be of assistance to you and/or your loved ones. 

To schedule your free consultation you may do so on our homepage, or you can give us a call.

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