What is Transformational Solutions?


Transformational Solutions is a coaching company dedicated to supporting you in visioning, building and thriving in the life you want to live. Our expert coaches will provide you with in-depth support to make the necessary changes in your life that will allow you to reach that total transformation, ultimately becoming your best possible self. Transformational Solutions offers coaching in various forms ranging from individual one-on-one coaching, couples coaching, coaching for those newly in recovery and family coaching. We also offer a wide variety of workshops and trainings throughout the year. These workshops are designed to help you shed old beliefs, stories and behavioral patterns limiting your success in life and provide you with new road maps for how to overcome any obstacles you may be facing. 

Coaching Areas of Expertise:

Health and Wellness

  • Provides you with fitness motivation, exercises and tools
  • Nutrition and dietary support
  • Support in uncovering negative belief patterns and behaviors holding you back from achieving optimal health
  • Optional grocery shopping planning, meal planning and pantry makeover support

Organizational Management

  • Support in designing personalized organizational systems to better manage your day-to-day activities and To-Dos throughout the week
  • Help in organizing your home, office or other physical space to declutter physical, mental and emotional chaos and create space for creativity and vitality
  • Time management and planning skillsets and tips provided

Stress Reduction

  • Mindfulness, yoga and meditation techniques custom fit for your needs
  • Restructuring your lifestyle to let go of unnecessary stress and foster habits for increased relaxation


  • Offers you a safe space to learn about the impact of trauma on our bodies, emotions and personal relationships
  • Support in how to improve effective communication with loved ones
  • Techniques for establishing healthy boundaries for yourself and in relationship
  • Family coaching designed to rebuild the family system and foster loving and harmonious relationships
  • Couples coaching offered to support partners in learning tools and techniques to have nurturing, loving and healthy connections with each other

Recovery Support

  • Intensive coaching support from coaches familiar with the challenges of recovery from addiction and mental health duress
  • Emotional support in the form of in-person sessions, text, and phone support
  • Guidance and tips for thriving in the world in a sober way

Goal Attainment

  • Support to help you accomplish the goals you want to achieve for yourself
  • Coaches work with you to design a plan and create steps for execution in order to make these a reality
  • In-depth support to implement new, healthy habits that move you forward towards these goals
  • Goals our clients have sought support around include: financial management/budgeting, career planning, dating, increasing self-worth, travel, building their own business, etc. 

"Seth Hall and Rachel Kove are extraordinary innovators in the field of mental health and addiction recovery. Their heart and passion for their clients is beyond admirable. They will go the extra mile to ensure their coaching clients needs are met. I highly recommend their wonderful services and workbook for anyone seeking to better themselves and master life goals."

Denise Klien, MSW, CEO

Milestones Ranch Malibu

“Rachel & Seth are active group facilitators, mentors and coaches in the addiction and mental health community. The Mountain Method includes all the parts of what they've seen works when helping a client achieve their goals. If you ever feel stuck as a therapist, parent, or coach, the Mountain Method is a great resource to help guide you to helping your client or loved one reach the next stage of their journey."

Jackie Benavente, LMFT

Clinical Director, Launch Center

Thought provoking. Enlightening. And, instructive. Rachel and Seth’s The Mountain Method serves as a dynamic platform for transformational thinking and the establishment of new and sustainable belief systems. Inspiring, the workbook helps individuals begin clearly identifying and addressing their challenges within safe and considered constructs. This is a “must have” for those working with persons in the process of reengineering their lives. And, redefining their sense of self. 

Loree Cohen, LCSW

CEO/Clinical Director


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